Diagnostic Radiography

Diagnostic Radiography


The Government of Nepal has called for the provision of basic health service to all by establishing a network of health services in all over Nepal. In this regard, the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) has been contributing towards the development of different level of health personnel. In the field of Radiography and imaging, CTEVT has been running a program to
produce middle level radiography and imaging service providers. The Certificate in Diagnostic Radiography graduates will be able to perform routine works related to technology in different level of hospitals, health institutions and imaging centres.

This program is of three academic years' duration. The first year course focuses on basic science and foundation subjects, the second year course focuses on basic radiography and imaging related subjects and the third year is given to the application of learned skills and knowledge within the comprehensive practical settings in hospitals, health institutions and imaging center recognized by
the ministry of health and population or concerned authority.

The foundation subjects like English, Nepali, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics are applicable for middle level health professional. The disciplinary subjects related to radiography field are included in second and third year. Along with the core radiography practice, the graduates will be capable of providing first aid, basic maternity care and basic public health care. This curricular program also makes the provision of practical exposure as well as real work practices in the specific areas of radiography and imaging technology. 

The curriculum structure and the subject-wise content reflect the details of this curriculum. In brief, this curriculum will guide to its implementers to produce competent and highly employable middle level technical workforces in the field of radiography and imaging technology.